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Emir Corbo - Dubai Show


Emir Corbo is one of the most versatile entertainers of our time. As a juggler, magician and acrobat, he fascinates his audience in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and many other cities. He astonishes his spectators and turns it into an unforgettable moment. As a renowned performer, he creates a link between charming entertainment and professional service.


Emir Corbo was trained as a restaurant expert in Germany and has worked in prestigious hotels, bars and restaurants in Europe.

He specialized in restaurant entertainment with magic tricks, juggling and guests animation. At the age of 24 he became German champion in flair bartending and performed as a freelancer in variety shows, cruise ships, circus and various types of events.

Emir Corbo currently lives in Dubai / UAE offering innovative forms of entertainment in bars, at restaurant tables and on stage.


Services at a glance

Flair Bartending
Whether showmixing, bottle juggling or barshows, this form of bar-entertainment transforms an ordinary drink into a spectacular event.

Close Up Magic
Close up magic is magic close to the audience. Whether micro magic or table magic in walkaround situations, Emir Corbo combines sleight of hand, comedy and mentalism with cards, coins and much more.

Stage Performance
A world-class concept is presented with spectacular entertainment elements like fire-juggling, acrobatics and stage illusions.

Cocktail Service
Leave the beverage-catering to us and convince yourself of the premium quality of our products and a breathtaking show that will make a drink into an unforgettable experience.